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hospital goodies February 18, 2010

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my mom is currently in the hospital awaiting surgery. today she gave me a list of things she would like me to bring her:

newspaperscrackerscrackers, pepsi, newspapers, laptop

it’s funny how much i’m like her; i love to read and surf the web, too. although pepsi gives me fizz burps. haha!

my day hasn’t even gotten started yet, but i’m staying optimistic.

i have a (IRL!) friend that started blogging, and i’m looking forward to helping her learn to use wordpress. it’s such a fun hobby! :)

more updates later, i’m sure..



1. sweetmommy87 - February 18, 2010

Oh my gosh I hope you mom is ok! From you post on FB I thought she was just sick. And your definitly going to have to help me because all yours always has pictures and mine are all just plain.

Dani - February 18, 2010

i hope so too; i’ve been trying to keep things private on facebook as to her exact condition, but basically right now she’s just in the hospital awaiting surgery, with some pain.. she’s doing pretty well though, she’s just bored and sick of ice chips!
i can totally help you with photos. i checked out your blog and it seems you figured it out somewhat, but let me know what you have questions about! :) <3

2. Katie - February 19, 2010

You guys are in my prayers, my dear!

3. Shellie - February 19, 2010

Sending prayers out for your Mom!! Heh, yes I like helping my online friends learn about blogging too. I hope you have a wonderful weekend =)

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