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puppy post February 17, 2010

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no $ made here!today was spent out of town, so i did some small shopping – most everything i buy is on sale, so i get more items for less money. the pet storepretty in pink!happened to be within driving distance, so marley was on the receiving end of this purchase. i found her 2 new toys and a pretty new collar. of course, it’s pink.

we’re still trying to find a toy she can’t completely destroy. since she’s a puppy, she shreds nearly everything. as you can see, mr. leopard here is already missing his left ear. poor guy, he never saw it coming..

he never saw it coming..

my experience (with a large breed) so far includes:

kong1. for chewing: stick to thick rubber with no edges to chew, such as a kong or rubber bone.

2. stuffed parts/animals = big no-no. stuffing will be everywhere. (see leo above)
3. tug/toss/retrieve: fleece may be good for dental hygiene, but it is destroyed very quickly. thick rope works best.

some of marley’s personal favorites include: rubber squirrel, tennis ball, and rope.

(all photos are from here)