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the dog

purebred golden retriever
nicknames: mar, mar-mar, klepto
loves to eat: chew bones, random toys, ice cubes, and greenies.
hobbies include: stealing socks/random objects, fetching, sitting pretty, chasing the cats, sleeping, swimming, and playing outside in general.

marley, dad, mikeyafternoon napwaiting for dad in the window

Gingerthe cats

domestic short-haired (grey & white)
adopted in summer 2007
nicknames: ginge, ms. ginger, spice bitch
loves to eat: soft food (avoids hard kibble if she can avoid it), beef jerky, and greenies for cats.
hobbies include: sleeping, perching on dad’s shoulder, begging for food, cuddling under the blankets, acting strange like a human, sleeping, eating, and running from mikey and/or marley on occasion. (she is quite a diva. her attitude is hilarious at times.)

i'm watching youwhipped cream-covered noseeyeroll (why we call her spice bitch)

domestic short-haired (tabby mix)
adopted on easter 2004
nicknames: michael, michael kelso, naughty kitty
loves to eat: meow mix, some soft food, small wildlife, and greenies for cats.
hobbies include: hunting, sleeping, eating, running from marley, sleeping, flirting with ginger, rubbing on feet, hunting, eating. (yes, he’s lazy. think garfield. only 10x cooler.)

trying to blendsharing the bed (rare)he is awesome



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