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hospital goodies February 18, 2010

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my mom is currently in the hospital awaiting surgery. today she gave me a list of things she would like me to bring her:

newspaperscrackerscrackers, pepsi, newspapers, laptop

it’s funny how much i’m like her; i love to read and surf the web, too. although pepsi gives me fizz burps. haha!

my day hasn’t even gotten started yet, but i’m staying optimistic.

i have a (IRL!) friend that started blogging, and i’m looking forward to helping her learn to use wordpress. it’s such a fun hobby! :)

more updates later, i’m sure..


cupcakes ftw! April 23, 2009

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the beautiful kay has opened a new site, called kissing cupcakes. i’ve followed her blog for quite some time now, and consider her a wonderful Kissing Cupcakesfriend. :] so when she opened this cupcake blog.. i had to spread the word! i’ve known of her love of those yummy little cakes for quite some time, even adding to her collection of  cupcakeparaphernalia,” by sending her an etsy gift a while back. ;] check out the site; it’s adorable and has lots of bright, delicious-looking photos of cupcakes & more!