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some hearts February 28, 2010

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some hearts / they just get all the right breaks
some hearts / have the stars on their side
some hearts / they just have it so easy
some hearts just get lucky sometimes..*

quintuple bypass diagram on pillowmom is home. while i’d like to say it’s all back to normal
from here, it isn’t. i’ve turned into her very own nursing assistant.
i’m certainly not complaining; i love her, and i will do
anything for her. but i can’t wait until things get even better.
the photo to the right is a pillow she received from the
hospital. they draw on it to show you what the surgeon actually did.

this experience has had its rough moments, but some positive came out of it:

i have now..

  • rediscovered my carrie underwood cd. and fergie, too.i love my family
  • mastered my cruise control.
    (140 miles round-trip x 8 days = lots of driving on cruise)me & baby paige
  • discovered my speedometer is off by approximately 3 mph.
  • decided free wireless = awesomesauce.
  • met up with a friend from elementary school i hadn’t seen in years.
  • met up with another friend, from high school,
    who just had a baby girl. (see photo)
  • found out i have amazing family & friends. i am so thankful.
  • sent and received lots of mail. <3i love where i live; we have a leaning pine!
  • become more independent as i am now responsible
    for new things
    : grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions,
    making phone calls, etc.
  • taught marley how to “high five!”

so there you have it, folks. with every life lesson, there is the good and the bad,
and thankfully in this case, everything is good.

love, dani

*some hearts by carrie underwood


lazy day February 23, 2010

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things should be (somewhat) normal come tomorrow.
until then, here are a couple of photos

sup?i caught ginger relaxing on buzz’s tank.
she knows she’s not supposed to be up there,
but i couldn’t help but snap a photo of her in this pose! :)
(& you can really see the heart-shaped spot
on her tummy that i adore!)

nom nom nom..marley loves these rawhide rolls.
she has about 3 different ones in 3 different
stages of “chewed” around the house:
somewhat new, pretty-chewed-up, and
completely destroyed.
but at least she has beautiful,
strong teeth!

love, dani