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my name is danielle, but dani is easier.
i am 21 years old, and a self-proclaimed dork.

i currently live in the deep woods of wisconsin with my parents; we have a bar, a church, and a convenience store nearby. plus, gravel roads! ;)

i am in a long-distance relationship with a wonderful geek guy named jason (referred to as j) since 04.20.08. he lives in Mikey, Ginger, & Marleyminnesota. we get along great because we both play video games & sing to the radio.

i have pets –  a dog, 2 cats, 2 geckos, and a hamster. more info here.

i have 3 sisters (including twins!) – they are 20+ years older than me. i did not meet them until i was a teenager. in 2006, they took me to disney. it was awesome.Me, "the twins", Mickey, and my niece; Disney 2006.

my immediate family is small – mom, dad, an aunt, an uncle, some cousins.. all the others live in florida, or have passed on. my grandmother lost a battle with breast cancer when i was in high school. it was the hardest loss i ever experienced.

my hobbies include crocheting, reading, web/photo editing, training my dog, spending time with family, traveling, and trying to find my direction in life. i like to shop online (especially homemade) and surf the web a lot. *adjusts geeky glasses*

you can find me on facebook. (please include your name, or i may not recognize you!)

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