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holding down the fort February 20, 2010

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today was filled with laundry and dirty dishes. and take out pizza for dinner.

i can’t complain; i don’t really mind laundry, and it doesn’t take much to load the dishwasher.
but it feels.. strange. this is the first day we didn’t drive the 70 miles (one-way) to visit mom since wednesday. dad chillin' on my bed!went ice fishing, and i did laundry all day while taking breaks to play on facebook and edit a couple photos.

i’m keeping my chin up. i’m just getting pretty run down. whew.

anyway, here’s a little something to make you smile: evening massage from Danielle Lynn on Vimeo

marley likes to pick on ginger, and i swear she does it for the “face massage”, as ginger doesn’t have claws. marley never tries to hurt her, so i let them play. sorry for the poor quality; it was taken on my cell phone.

enjoy! :)