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night before surgery February 21, 2010

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it’s 10PM now; mom’s surgery is at 11:30AM tomorrow.

she’s on a strict clear-liquid diet, though i couldn’t help but sneak her just a bite of sugar-free chocolate. she was craving it so bad.

leslie the lemur, here to keep me company!

dad and i will be staying out of town for the night. i think i’ll sleep in mom’s room (i’m blogging while next to her IV machine.. it purrs like a kitten..), but i’m not sure yet. dad got a hotel room, but the way he snores.. i’d much rather sleep here. ;)

mom's flowers & balloonswhile on her walk, mom and i stopped in and gave a little girl down the hall a balloon and stuffed bunny. she’s about 3 years old, and resembles “lilo” from lilo and stitch. mom originally met her while walking yesterday. we’re not sure why she’s here (& didn’t push the subject), but thought we’d brighten her day. she gladly bounced the balloon up and down, and giggled. the bunny was a big hit as well. you know how i am with gift-giving.. lol!

just thought i’d share some photos from the day; things are going well so far, and i hope it continues.. (the prayers/good juju/thoughts are working!) thanks again, everyone. i’m looking forward to having something else to blog about soon, as you can imagine..