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dodged a bullet March 12, 2010

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sorry folks, i’m still here! just been crazy-busy lately, living life to the fullest and whatnot. ;)

i was on a short hiatus simply due to lack of time. my days are spent checking mom’s blood sugars, administering meds, changing lancets, cleaning wounds, and recording any changes. she is doing fairly well so far. she hit a roadblock with her pain medication, but upon seeing the surgeon on wednesday, things have gotten better. she just hasn’t had the strength to do a lot lately; even the simplest tasks become exhausting rather quickly. especially when, on our ride home from her appointment (about 70 miles from home), the following took place:

driving down the road. *speedometer drops to zero*
“uh oh, mom.. my speedometer stopped working!
i don’t know how fast we’re going!”
mom gets out the tom-tom, which tells us
my speed.
“you’re going about sixty.”
“then why am i at 2500RPM?!” *car starts chugging*
we pull over. “better call dad,” mom says. we call.
and call. and call.
:( finally we reach him.
he must’ve been outside or something. “dad, my car!
something’s wrong with the car!” (i’ve had my car for six
years now. this has never happened before)
“what’s going on?” he asks.
i explain the situation. i tell him the nearest
mile marker, and push my luck just a bit
farther to get off of the highway where
semis were speeding past us,

and onto a side road. a tow truck is on the way.
about 2 and a half hours later, mom and i
finally make it back to town, thanks to adam,
the awesome tow-man.

the next day, it turns out my speed sensor went out.
which tells my transmission when to shift.
(we thought it may have been the transmission
itself going bad, which would’ve meant $$$.)
i thank my lucky stars
that instead,
it was just a small part.

in the words of my boyfriend, “my dodge dodged a bullet!”

however, this happened at a really awful time. dad has been off of work to help take care of mom, and i have been jobless since the recession. money has been tight, so thank goodness it wasn’t my transmission, but still. i can’t help but feel.. helpless. i want to pay my own bills. but living in an extremely small town, where lay-offs are happening everywhere, makes it next to impossible. le sigh.

i’m keeping my chin up. there is a light at the end of this tunnel, at the end of this wonderful road to recovery.
it’s been quite an experience so far, that’s for sure.

one of my favorite blogs is doing a giveaway!

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RVA. check out her site for more info! (& wish me luck! tehee. :] )

love, dani


cue the crickets? May 13, 2009

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it’s like my blog is dead. :[ OMG CUTE!

i guess i did let it go belly up. le sigh.

well, with that being said, i’ll just say.. check out the adorable apron that kay is giving away over at kissingcupcakes.com! i want an apron soo bad; i always splash myself with stuff while in the kitchen. LOL.