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lazy day February 23, 2010

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things should be (somewhat) normal come tomorrow.
until then, here are a couple of photos

sup?i caught ginger relaxing on buzz’s tank.
she knows she’s not supposed to be up there,
but i couldn’t help but snap a photo of her in this pose! :)
(& you can really see the heart-shaped spot
on her tummy that i adore!)

nom nom nom..marley loves these rawhide rolls.
she has about 3 different ones in 3 different
stages of “chewed” around the house:
somewhat new, pretty-chewed-up, and
completely destroyed.
but at least she has beautiful,
strong teeth!

love, dani


post-op & breakfast for one February 22, 2010

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i slept okay last night, though the hospital noises were minimum.. i knew it was a strange environment. i couldn’t help but wake up every couple hours thinking, “where the..? ooh..


country omelette (& sour cream!) with pancakes.. delicious!

mom went into surgery at about 11AM this morning. it didn’t take long, and she was out (around 2PM). everything went smoothly; however,they ended up doing a quintuple (5) bypass instead of quadruple. even so, the doctor said everything is looking good so far.

while waiting for her to settle into the ICU, i went and ate breakfast at ihop. dad stayed in the waiting room.
it was a good breakfast, but i was lonely. i really wanted my mom. :(

anyway, i’m home for the night (to sleep in my own bed!).. hopefully i sleep well.

thanks again, everyone. i know i say it a LOT, but i want you to know how much i appreciate your support.

sorry my blog has been so melancholy lately; it’ll perk back up soon, i promise!

love, dani