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half blood prince May 29, 2009

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so, internet, i have a confession..Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

i am a total harry potter geek.
there, i said it.

i mean, i even had one of my senior photos taken with all of my harry potter books (which only went up to order of the phoenix at the time, if i’m not mistaken). i’ll try to find proof of this once we move, and i will share.  :P

half blood prince is almost here. july is so close. i just started reading the book again, so i should be refreshed (& definitely finished) by the time the movie comes out. (you can view the awesome trailer for it here.)

i’ve read the entire series at least 5 times, if not more. i also own several harry potter t-shirts and, of course, a gryffindor scarf.
hermione granger is just like i was in school, it’s ridiculous. lol.

this post was random.. but hey, what do you expect at 1:30am? :]


1. kissing cupcakes - May 29, 2009

i never read the books, but i LOVE the movies :) they’re so well-done, in my opinion.

2. dani1ynn - May 29, 2009

very well done, indeed. :] they’re quite accurate to the books, as well (altho some stuff is left out or the movies would be like 4 hours long! lol).. and that’s always a good thing!

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