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etsy shop in the making? April 15, 2009

Posted by Dani in Uncategorized.

"Aurora" my amigurumi hippy kitty!i’m thinking cat toys. and other amigurumi goodies.

also, i’d be willing to make blankets, etc, by custom order.

i need advice on prices if the shop idea is a good one! :]

My starghan!



1. heather - April 15, 2009

Dooooo it. I just started an Etsy shop! No idea if anything will ever sell but it’s worth a shot, right? :D Let me know if you do start and we’ll exchange links to our shops!

As for pricing, just search around Etsy for similar items to get an idea. There’s a lot of articles/sites online about selling on Etsy, too, so do some Google searching.

2. kalen - April 15, 2009

i honestly think this is a *really really* good idea. because honestly, if i was good at something crafty like this, i would try to market it. i think the main idea is coming up with a cute “theme” for your shop and kinda sticking with it at first, and branching off later.

go for it – why not :) nothing to lose!

3. dani1ynn - April 15, 2009

thank you both! <3
i’m gonna GO FOR IT. but i’ve got to work on an “inventory” first. :] so that’s where i’m at. it just takes a bit of an investment to get started, you know? i gotta buy all these supplies.. but it’s addicting! lol

4. Britainy - April 17, 2009

Im about to do the same thing and have been inbetween thinking about so today I went and Created an account hopefully by the end of the month I will have it running.. LOL we can be newbie etsy sellers.. OK that sounds funny.. BEst of luck

5. dani1ynn - April 17, 2009

thank you! :] best of luck to you, as well! we should trade links when we both get up and running. it never helps to spread the word a little. i LOVE your stuff!!

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