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i still haz blog? March 30, 2009

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sorry for disappearing for a week. every time i started to attempt to blog, it sounded stupid to me and i just deleted it. i’m just not sure what’s interesting to people!

in the meantime, i’ve been crocheting my heart out lately. i’ve made some very fun things so far — a turtle for my mom, a panda for the girl i babysit, and a toy mouse for a friend’s cat. (since ginger sticks up her nose in utter disgust whenever presented with toys. weirdo.) i’ll definitely be sharing photos shortly, but i’m too lazy at the moment.

one of my friends jokingly made fun of me about crocheting being a “granny” hobby, and i just held up my needle and said “you wanna fight about it?!” haha. i’m learning so much, and it’s such a fun hobby. plus, it’s relatively inexpensive. yarn is only about $2.50 a skein.

besides that, we’ve been apartment hunting for a while now. we’re due to move out on may 31 (for sure now! yay!), so.. we’ll see how that goes. i’d really like to save money on rent, if possible. but being so close to the cities for j’s work makes it difficult to find anything really decent. bleh.

so anyway, i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend — oh, and i wanted to shout out to kalen and say i participated in earth hour too! we just talked while sitting around tealight candles. it was awesome. :]



1. kalen - March 31, 2009

i’m glad you participated! it was fun, wasn’t it :) … *dances around* i think b and i are going to do it once a week, just to have quiet time. it was nice!

i love your little crochet projects – i used to do it with my stepmom when i was younger, but i only ever made coasters (LOL). the little mouse is SUPER cute. millie would eat it.

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