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to watch or not to watch… March 23, 2009

Posted by Dani in Uncategorized.

the movie twilight.

i love to read, so i couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon and read the entire book series. (though stephenie meyer‘s writing does get to be nauseating after a while, i’ll admit..)

but once i discovered the seemingly-ridiculous hype around the movie — i’ve been indecisive ever since.

some say it ruined the books for them. others say they’re neutral. some say it was perfect.
i like to re-read my books. so if the movie wrecks that for me, i’m going to be quite disappointed.

how do you feel about this?

and if the twilight hype doesn’t apply to you: which movies, based off of books, are your favorite? my personal favorite is holes. it’s the only movie i’ve ever watched that followed the book almost entirely. plus, you gotta love shia labeouf! :]



1. kalen - March 24, 2009

i didn't read the books but i thought the movie was decent – it was cute and a sweet love story. i think you should take a chance and watch it :) the movies will probably get better with a bigger budget & such anyway

2. newlyweds - March 25, 2009

I am on book 4, and I still haven’t seen Twilight the movie, I kinda feel the same way. But my Mom bought it for me the other day, so I am thinking I will watch it.

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