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an odd topic, i’ll admit March 18, 2009

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while on my way to wisconsin, i was listening to a local radio show. they were discussing a rather odd topic, yet interesting all the same — the questions were, do you know where you were conceived? would you tell your kids where they were conceived?

i was bored, and it had been an hour on the road already, so i figured why not — and i called in. amazingly, i got through on the first try, and while fighting a giggle fit (i’m awkward on the phone..), i told the guy my story:

me: “hi, i’m danielle,” i nervously muttered, “and i just thought i’d call and tell you where i was conceived. you may not find it as interesting as my friends did in high school, but here goes nothing: i was conceived in a petri dish.”

radio guy: “omg, you mean like.. in vitro?! no way! i’ve never talked to someone who was “an in vitro”! (this made me LOL) that’s so cool. so you were spared the horrible details of where you were conceived, right? you’re kinda lucky, aren’t you?”

me: “yes. except for the fact that my mom never fails to remind me that i’m her test tube baby, and she couldn’t be more thankful.”

radio guy: “…LOL”

i thought his reaction was great. so now i’m bringing up that same odd question… do you know where you were conceived? and would you tell your children where they were conceived (if the topic came up)?

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