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moving right along March 6, 2009

Posted by Dani in Uncategorized.

my crocheting project is still moving along quite nicely. i have four of the flowers done so far. i’ve strayed away from the instructions a bit, and i’m going to tie them together a different way than suggested. things were just a tad too complicated for me. lol. here’s what i have now:

in other news, we’re heading to wisconsin for the weekend tomorrow, and i’m very excited. normally we visit my parents quite frequently, but the past few weekends haven’t worked out because of the weather. thankfully, spring has decided to show its face so we’re making the trip for sure this time. i’m very excited to see my parents.. plus, i’ll get my new ipod! :]

now that spring has sprung (well, hopefully..), what are your plans?



1. jordan - March 8, 2009

nice job on the flower :)

i'm going to buy a bike when it gets a little nicer. and go for walks in the park. look at the stars. dream about going to my cottage (it's still a little too cold in the spring for it yet) & plant pretty flowers in the garden.

2. Danielle - March 10, 2009

we need to buy new bikes too.. unfortunately ours were stolen last year. :[ we have a LOT of nice places to walk around, as well.. i can't wait til it's nicer outside!
oh, & i totally want to plant pretty flowers too, but i'm going to have to settle for a little "apartment-sized" greenhouse of sorts. hehe.

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