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even the hamsters are spoiled March 6, 2009

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i made the weekly trip to petsmart today to pick up crickets for riddick and buzz (our leopard geckos). i had plenty of time (and hey, it’s spring!), so i decided to browse around a bit. you see, our animals are quite spoiled. we’re constantly picking up little toys and treats for our “babies”, and today i found the cutest treats ever.

if you’ve seen disney’s bolt, you’ll recognize that awesome little dude on the package as rhino, the adorable hamster off of the movie. it just so happens, he has quite a love for waffles. and now my hamsters share this love. rhino would be so proud. :]

they appear to be quite a success with rose and zoey (our chinese dwarf hamsters). they quickly ran off with their waffle snacks and hid them in their snack corner, after unsuccessfully attempting to shove them in their tiny cheeks. silly girls! another treat my hamsters loved: le bon croissants featuring disney’s ratatouille. i highly recommend these treats for anybody who loves their hamsters!

alright, i’m off to wisconsin. have a lovely weekend, everybody! :]

disclaimer: i am not being paid to endorse any of the above products, movies, etc. i am just sharing my opinion with my fellow pet lovers!



1. kalen - March 9, 2009

i LOVE hamsters. seriously. i’ve been wanting a “small animal” for a while now – like a hamster, or hedgehog, or ferret. :\ i’m afraid i’ll be one of those people with 100 pets when i’m like 30.

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