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the search for a new ipod March 3, 2009

Posted by Dani in Uncategorized.

my last ipod met a very horrible, accidental demise one evening when j decided to play frisbee with a blank cd. the cd was flying fast, and with amazing accuracy smashed right into one of my oil diffusers. my ipod, which was sitting innocently next to the diffuser on kitchen counter (gotta have music while doing dishes!), was soon immersed in a pool of fresh linen scented oil.

there was no way to revive it. the oil turned into some sort of crazy-insane super glue and ruined everything. *sigh* oh, ipod.. how i miss thee.

since then, i’ve been searching for a new one.. and i have yet to decide what i like. i’m leaning towards an ipod touch. however, i’m open to suggestions! :] leave me some comments.. please?

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