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my first "pretty" project March 3, 2009

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years ago, when i was a little girl, my grandmother taught me how to crochet. but since i was only a small child, she never taught me any of the particular “stitches” involved in crochet (such as single, double, half-double, and so on..). everything i ever made was me “winging it” — not counting stitches, or watching dye batches on the yarn — i had no idea what i was doing.

thankfully, i stumbled upon an awesome book that actually works (i’ve tried some before, and they’ve just managed to confuse me further).. it’s called stitch ‘n bitch crochet: the happy hooker. i’ve already completed one project out of the back (the boy beanie), but i have to add some fleece inner lining before j can actually use it.

my newest project is the garden scarf, consisting of several flowers. it’s the first “pretty” project i’ve ever tried — meaning a project that requires several stitches and more complicated instructions. here’s my progress so far:

i had another flower, but unfortunately ginger decided to act like a cat (for once, lol) and ran off with my yarn, thus unraveling half of the flower. :( ah well, it just makes more practice!

i’ll keep posting as the project continues! :]

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