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anticipating the move February 28, 2009

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j and i have been searching for a new apartment, as our current lease ends may 1st. the budgeting has been the worst part of it all — it’s hard with just one income (thanks to our poor economy, my job search is definitely at a halt). right now, we’re still somewhat “up in the air” about whether or not we’ll have the money to move.. the timing will have to be just right for it to work out.

regardless, i’m praying we’ll be able to move out of this place. this apartment has felt wrong to me from the very beginning.. almost like there’s negative energy holding me back. i don’t know, it’s odd. and i probably sound like a nut. but i hate this place. it was a last-minute decision to move here, and we’ve regretted it ever since. so i’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can come up with the money necessary (about $1800.. ouch!) in time.

some things we’re definitely searching for in the new place:
1) dishwasher. it’s been hell living in this place without one — especially since our kitchen is the size of a closet. seriously.
2) exercise room. i’ve gotten somewhat out of shape over these past months (honestly, up north it’s like we hybernate).
3) secured entrance. for some reason, we totally didn’t notice this place lacked a secured entryway. it’d be nice to know there’s not random people coming and going.. especially jehovah witnesses (they just keep coming back!).
4) quality. the apartment we’re currently in was okay for a starter, but i’d definitely like to find a place that wasn’t built in the 60’s.

anyway, i’ve rambled enough. i hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend — i’m spending mine staying warm inside while watching movies! :]

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