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back to blogging February 24, 2009

Posted by Dani in Uncategorized.

hey, world! miss me? haha.. i doubt it. but anyway, it’s me — dani. and i’m back to the blogging world, after my host disappeared (along with my money.. oy). sure, it’s nothing big and extravegant — but it’s my blog. enjoy!

in case you’re a new reader, here’s a little about me: i’m basically a stay at home girlfriend, living in minnesota, with my boyfriend, jason (although i usually refer to him as j). i am a proud “animal mommy” to several pets, including a cat (ginger), 2 leopard geckos (riddick & buzz), 2 hamsters (rose & zoey), and a betta fish named oscar. i’m an only child, and very close to my parents. i visit them somewhat frequently in wisconsin, which i will probably tend to blog about. i lived in a small town you’ve never heard of, in the middle of a national forest — and now the frogs chirping at night have been replaced with fire engine sirens and car alarms in my world. this blog is my outlet of being a country girl in the big city. i’m just trying to find my purpose in the world!

i can’t wait to make some new friends through blogging again. feel free to e-mail me! :]

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